Welcome the renactment hobby website of James and Kimberly Barker; we are dedicated to the study of European culture and martial arts from the Roman era to the Renaissance, and now WW1. We participate in Living History groups as well the SCA (Society of Creative Anachronisms).

Please keep in mind all of the items here are based off our personal research and interpretations of Roman through Renaissance culture; others may see the same item differently and I will not claim our interpretation is more correct than another persons interpretation; we will post our information to let you the costumer/viewer decide.

Our line of products will be available on a limited basis and will be in standard sizes; this is only a part time business for us, so we will not be in full time production like other retailers of reproduction clothing and accessories. We are also looking to have items that do not overlap other company’s products so our line of products will be unique.

    1/20/14 - Information on early 15th century dublets added to the Essay's section.  
    8/21/11 - Kimberly's handout for Historic Cooking over an Open Fire was added to the Essay's section.  
    2/21/11 - Images of James's later 15th century armor added to the Armory.  
    2/21/11 - Images of historical helmet liners added to the Armory.  
    10/13/10 - Images from Pennsic 39 added to the Image gallery - SCA