Museum of London October 9th 2006

Medieval Exhibits

Case 1: Leather Glove and Tools

Case 2: Seals and Horse Equipment

Case 3: Swords, Scabbard, Maille Shirt, Toys of Knights

Case 4: Horse Equipment, Locks, Maille, Knives

Case 5: Shovels, Bill, Other Tools

Case 6: Leather Tools and Products

Case 7: Pottery, Floor Tiles, Glasswork

Case 8: Personal Items

Case 9: Fishing Equipment, River Finds

Case 10: Textiles and Accessories

Case 11: Textiles and Tools, High End Items

Case 12: 16th Century Items

Case 13: Arms and Armor, Archery Equipment, Swords

Case 14: Religious Items

Case 15: Cooking Equipment

Case 16: Books

Case 17: Personal Items

Other Items