Pennsic War 2005

Combat of the 30

The Challenge for the Passing On of the Couter of Chivalry

The issued challenge:

Unto all those interested in the doing of deeds and striving in armed combat does Tiarna Uilleag o' Conmhaic send illustrious greetings.

The writing of this missive is long over due, and for this my apologies. It is well past time that I posted my intentions to accept letters of challenge in regards to the Couter of Chivalry. This being the same Couter that Jehan de Pelham did earn with his stirring deed with Sir Johannes.

Let it be known that I will accept the challenger upon the fields of Pennsic this August.

Let the challengers know that they must be a man of coat armour, dressed appropriately for a person of this station. These vennons must bear thier arms upon the field and present their consorts so that proper respect and gifts may be exchanged. Appropriate ransoms should be arranged.

Let it be known that only one challenger shall be accepted to vie for the Couter, however, should it be all venon's pleasure I shall meet them all as best I am able and all shall leave the field bearing a token of my esteem.

Please post your letters of challenge here or feel free to send them along privately.


Tiarna Uilleag o'Conmhaic
Tennon of the Couter of Chivalry
Squire to Shair Fiachna
Confrere of Hotel de Byram

The challenge answered:

Unto Tiarna Uilleag o’Conmhaic, honorable esquire of Shair Fiachna MacFiriach, apprentice to Master Geoffery, most noble man-at arms of the glorious Kingdom of Atlantia and current tenon of the Couter of Chivalry, does Lord Hedinn inn Raudi, humble man-at arms of the mighty East Kingdom, bearing the arms per fess argent and sable, issuant from the line of division a demi-mullet of three full points azure, in service to the gracious and most Honorable Lady, Baroness Eleanor Le Brun, send heartfelt greetings.

Having followed the writings regarding the transfer of the Couter, I have relayed the tales of chivalry and courtesy to many in my region. In so doing, my Lady-Wife, the inspiring Ysemay Sterlyng, has found this challenge to be both pleasing and worthy in her eyes. Therefore, it is to honor her that I do extend this challenge and hopefully earn the right to carry the burden of the Couter.

The manner of my challenge shall be a combat of ten received blows with a great-sword.

Should you accept my challenge, I do vow to:

Arrive at the battlefield in a timely manner, accoutered as a man of quality, accompanied by my Lady-Wife Ysemay Sterlyng, my patron, Baroness Eleanor le Brun, my herald, Lord James of Uxbridge, and two worthy men-at arms to bear my helmet and shield.

Present a handcrafted gift of luxury befitting the loveliness and virtue of my worthy opponent’s lady.

Provide a set of matched great-swords, one of which shall be a gift to you. I will have them crafted to what lengths you wish, so that none can say I attempt advantage by weapons familiar.

In addition to the above, I have two requests. Should I be deemed worthy to bear this holy relic, I would see you record my Lady’s name in the Book of Champions as the source of my inspiration and acknowledging it was won in her name. In addition, given the field upon which we shall meet, and that your Kingdom of Atlantia and that of the hosting nation of Aethelmearc have allied against the Kingdom of the East, I must request safe passage through the lands of Aethelmearc for the purpose of this deed of arms.

I pray you accept my humble challenge in the spirit of good faith, friendship, and camaraderie.

Hedinn inn Raudi

Opening Procession

Squires Tournament

Sillyness at Midnight Madness