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Please click on the images; most have more to them than seen in the thumbnail. Some have pattern lay outs and others have notes I wrote.

1415 Nobelman's Clothing

2010 Notes:

Finally this project is underway in September 2010. The doublet is done except for the buttons and lacing on the front. The hose are started and need the leather feet attached. The Gown is soon to be started. The goal is to wear this at an SCA crown Tournament in Late October (2010)

Small leaf shaped pewter bezants have been bought from Billy and Charlie’s for this project too. Also we are looking to do the large tube hats with feathers in them seen in the Les Tres Riches Heures Du Duc De Berry

Notes from the Concept in 2007:

Here I am planning a complete outfit from Les Tres Riches Heures Du Duc De Berry; January. The idea is to make footed hosen, an early doublet, a large dagged gown, a dagged hood hat, and a large pouch (based of extant examples in Purses in Pieces).

I had planned to make this outfit for St. Luke's Artisain's Faire (2008), an Atlantian Laurel challenge event in October, but with a house move I once again have to put this outfit on the back burner. I have however started the pattern for the pouch.


Romance of Alexander Clothing and Armor

2010 Notes:

This project has moved along slowly; no real changes have happened to the clothing since pre-Pennsic 2008; I will wear the outfit and have added one last image of me at Pennsic 2010.

The armor has not changed much in the last few years, I have added images from Pennsic 2009 and 2010. The project drawings show maille leggings which I have but not added fully yet. I also have in started new padded cuisses, a new helmet liner, a white arming coat, and a surcote with my heraldry on it which are not yet done.

2008 Notes:

Here is an image of both planned clothing and armor. The clothing was finished for Pennsic 2008 and the armor should be ready by Pennsic 2009.

For the clothing first I made a tunic based on the extant example of the Herjolfsnes no.41 without the gore in the back of the sleeve and with buttons in the front that the original does not have. I wanted to emulate the look of several figures in the Romance of Alexander. The figures (third image bellow) are shown wearing tunics ranging from just above the knee to ankle level depending on wealth.

Many figures in the manuscript have a second tunic on with pennant sleeves; my super tunic with pennant sleeves is based on the extant example Herjolfsnes no.42. I changed the sleeves and added a slit to the pattern so I could button it shut like the examples in the fifth images bellow.


1405 Book of the Hunt Outfit - Finished

2010 Notes:

I compleated this outfit in June 2008 before the Golden Rose Tournement in Atlantia. Look for updates with pitures to come soon. This outfit should apear on the 15th Century Clothing page. The final design was more like a cross between a pigeon breasted pourpoint and a four gore tunic rather than a Herjolfsnes no.41 tunic.

Old notes from the fisrt idea about this project:

The idea here was to make a gown based of the Herjolfsnes no.41 but with a pigeon breasted front like the Charles de Blois with bag pipe sleeves to achieve the look of a gown from the Gaston Phoebus.

I have cut out a first pattern but I started with a four panel kirtle and iPad Air Cases For Sale added gores. The gown has yet to be put together and tested.

I have made quite a number of the hoods shown in the drawing and have sold them at events.


1400 Armor

This project has been put on hold. At one point I was going to have leg armor to finish the metal needs for this kit but that project is not going through.

The idea in this image was to make a cote armor of Charles VI, an aketon based on some period manuscripts, and a tabard with side lacing.